iPhone 6S Launch Reservation Stock

It’s over 24 hours since the iPhone 6S became available for pre-ordering or reservation at your local Apple Store come the 25th February, and it’s safe to say Apple have way more of these things than they did the iPhone 6 last fall, as you can still make a reservation for a few models and pick it up on launch day – at any UK Apple store.

Last year, I threw together a little availability chart for UK availability to give an at-a-glace view into the way these things work. It worked okay, but it polled Apple’s reservation endpoints “live” (with a 60 second cache) and didn’t really allow me to build any trends out of it.

This year, for the Apple Watch launch, I threw a database onto the backend, and started storing the responses so I could process how quickly models sold out when the reservation APIs went live, and much more importantly, make some pretty graphs. Obviously, Ahrendts ruined that plan, but I was ready for this launch.

Onto the graphs…

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Sky+HD DNLA SkyPlay2/SkyPlay Endpoint update

Just a quick post to say that as of last night’s Sky+HD box firmware OTA update, Sky have updated the DNLA endpoint for SkyPlay requests to /SkyPlay, from /SkyPlay2.

You’ll need to update any SkyPlay requests to this, or get an “Invalid Action” back from the UPnP/DNLA endpoint.


iPhone 4/4S Home Buttons

It feels like every single person i’ve ever spoken too has had at least one iPhone 4/4S Home Button failure, yet Apple refuse to acknowledge it as a widespread problem.

I think this is something we should take up with the UK trading authorities, but before I can do that, I want to get some stats on just how bad the problem really is.

So, if you’ve ever owned an iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S, Please fill in this form, and pass it on to everyone you know who has: