MAMP Pro on Yosemite Beta 5

Update: The developers of MAMP recommend the following workaround: Workaround for the 10.10 Preview 5 bug: Rename the file “envvars” located in into “_envvars” If you’re running MAMP Pro 3 and you installed Yosemite preview 5, you’ve probably noticed Apache won’t start anymore, with the following error: dyld: Symbol not found: _iconv Referenced from: /usr/lib/libmecabra.dylib […]

Using UnCSS and grunt-uncss with WordPress

Following on from my last blog post about modernising WordPress development with grunt, we’ve been using the process for a few months at Storm and have been slowly making it better. This week, while working on pretty heavy project, we noticed that our compiled single CSS file was a huge 6,500 lines and ~180kb. This […]