On Writing

I’ve never enjoyed writing. I have an awful lot to say, but i’m usually best when that’s limited to 140 characters on twitter of instant messenger conversations, and even those tends to be spread out across a few posts, rather than writing long sentences. In fact, the only time I ever got a detention in…… Continue reading On Writing

Lost Pleasures

Two years ago, minus a little over a month, I hopped on the first train from Swindon to Bath. The commute was a regular occurrence (though usually not that early), but today was different. I had the day off, and I was heading to one of the most special events in a modern, Apple loving…… Continue reading Lost Pleasures

Premium TV: The thirst for a new model

Currently, the number one paid app in the UK App Store is “TV English Premium”. Since its launch 2 days ago, it provided live streaming of a number of obviously copyrighted content, such as Sky Movies and Sky Sports, all in a really rather glorious 1080p HD and AirPlay support. Unfortunately, while it’s still available…… Continue reading Premium TV: The thirst for a new model


A wise, old, old man once told me, “It doesn’t matter about looking pretty, it’s about getting the content up”. With those words in mind, I threw together enough of a theme in order to present you this content. Exciting.

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