MAMP Pro under OS X Mavericks

If you’re a developer and you got access to use Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks earlier this week, you’ll notice that it’s actually mostly a hassle free experience, apart from changes to the code signing and authorisation model that mean non-signed applications can no longer elevate permissions to root level.

Now, this shouldn’t matter to most people – but if you use MAMP Pro, you’ll find this isn’t signed at all, and means it’s unable to get access to write to the important system files. You’ll get an error about not being able to write to /etc/hosts.

I’m sure the next version of MAMP will fix this, but for now, you can self sign the app to give it permission to modify system preferences.

You just need to open keychain access, click on it’s menu bar item “Keychain Access”, then “Certificate Assistant”, and “Create a Certificate”. For Name, enter your name, Identify Type should be kept as Self Signed Root, and Certificate Type should be code signing. You can pretty much click continue on everything else until your certificate.

Finally, open terminal, and run:

codesign -s “Your Name” /Applications/MAMP\ Pro/MAMP\

That’ll sign the application as you and let you execute it.

Obviously, it goes without saying you’re telling your mac you trust any app you sign – so only do this if you’re confident MAMP Pro (or any other app that has issues on Mavericks with this error) is trustworthy.


If you still have issues, that probably means the signing didn’t take properly, you can run: codesign -v /Applications/MAMP\ PRO/MAMP\ -v

Once signed, that should tell you that MAMP is “valid on disk” and it “satisfies its Designated Requirement” – anything else and the signing didn’t work properly and you should try again!


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  1. Majid Sadeghi Garmaroudi avatar
    Majid Sadeghi Garmaroudi

    Thanks Liam, I tried what you said but didn’t work! My MAMP Pro doesn’t work! I cannot start apache yet! Any suggestion?

  2. Majid Sadeghi Garmaroudi avatar
    Majid Sadeghi Garmaroudi

    Aaaaa, Found the issue! I used my default name but it seems that name in my case “majid” makes conflicts! I made a new one with a different name and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the help! Cheers.

    1. lgladdy avatar

      Majid Sadeghi GarmaroudiGlad you sorted it!
      If anyone else has issues, you can run: codesign -v /Applications/MAMP PRO/MAMP -v
      Once signed, that should tell you that MAMP is “valid on disk” and it “satisfies its Designated Requirement” – anything else and the signing didn’t work properly!

  3. RobGloess avatar

    Thanks.. saved a headache!

  4. Thank You!  This was driving me crazy and I thought it was bad permissions or ownership of a config file somewhere post update.  I complete forgot about the code sign change….  Wish I’d found this before banging my head against the wall for 2 hours, including reinstalling and wiping out prefs, ACLs and running chmod/chown all over the place.
    Working great now.

  5. TheRyanSnowden avatar

    Make sure users select “System” on the left before finding “Create Certificate…”

    1. TheRyanSnowden thanks! that’s what i needed.

  6. bar1024 avatar

    Thanks Liam! This solved my issue. After installing OS X 10.9 Mavericks, I was getting the following error message when trying to launch MAMP Pro 2.1.4: “The MySQL configuration file my.cnf couldn’t be written.” I followed your instructions on how to self sign the app and it worked perfectly. Thanks for saving me some a few troubleshooting hours!

  7. KikiNazari avatar

    i get,  “Kiki: no identity found ?

    1. korneliuz avatar

      KikiNazari No quotes. Twas my problem as well.

  8. scbailey1 avatar

    THANK YOU!!!!! This was driving me NUTS!

  9. RichHill avatar

    Thank you for this fix.

  10. knot_now avatar

    Thank you ! Anyone know how to bypass “The built in Apache is active which can cause a port conflict with at least one of your virtual hosts.” I tried a sudo apachectl stop but it didn’t work !

    1. lgladdy avatar

      knot_now Probably just need to disable “web sharing” in system preferences > sharing

      1. knot_now avatar

        lgladdy knot_now No “web sharing” anymore in system preferences > sharing on Mavericks DP2.

      2. lgladdy knot_now Disabling internet sharing in System Preferences got MAMP up and working for me.

  11. SebastianMawiraBuys avatar

    Thanks for this!

  12. jkmassel avatar

    Dude. You are the man. Thanks!

  13. minlite13 avatar

    Thanks man. You saved my ass 🙂

  14. RafaelFranco avatar

    Thanks a Lot!!!!

  15. EdAtrero avatar

    What a life saver!  I spent all morning on this one and then found your post.  Thanks dude!

  16. MichaelTretyakov avatar

    code object is not signed at all
    In architecture: x86_64

  17. SilentComics avatar

    Excellent – thanks. But I see this post if from June 16 – 2013. Not found any fixes on the MAMP site yet…

  18. Nate Walton avatar
    Nate Walton

    Got this to work (needed to remove the quotes), but I’m still getting an error starting Apache. It says “Start Apache failed” and the log says: [alert] (EAI 8)nodename nor servname provided, or not known: mod_unique_id: unable to find IPv4 address of …

  19. I tried this solution but I think I botched it. How can I undo/clear the codesign so that I can try again?

  20. I am getting the following error, any ideas?

    /Applications/MAMP PRO/MAMP object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable

  21. LiveProductions avatar

    what about non pro users

  22. @MichaelTretyakov this is what I get as well … did you ever resolve the issue?

  23. It looks like I can create the certificate okay, but when I run this:
    codesign -v /Applications/MAMP PRO/MAMP -v
    All I get is this:
    code object is not signed at all
    In architecture: x86_64
    Not sure how best to proceed – and there doesn’t appear to be any new version of MAMP on their site. I have a support question in with MAMP and will post back here if I hear anything. Thanks.

  24. Thank you this worked. I also use dropbox to sync symbolically linked folders into the MAMP directory soI ran into an issue where I was updating from an older MAMP at the same time and I tried replacing the DB folder with my old one as I had done in the past. However there are some databases in there by default. To get things working I exported out my databases and imported them into the new MAMP version.

  25. palmerio avatar

    I get the last ones successful messages at the end but when I initialize the localhost he don’t works and still loading forever.
    Any suggests?

  26. manodere avatar

    I did it all, with no luck. Avoided the quotations, set the proper path to my non-pro app, restart, saw the “valid on disk” response on the terminal… Please help. Just need a safe please to practice WordPress before going live, thats all…

  27. cesars-imac:~ Cesar$ codesign -v /Applications/MAMP PRO/MAMP -v
    /Applications/MAMP PRO/MAMP code object is not signed at all
    In architecture: x86_64

  28. Mark Wall1 avatar
    Mark Wall1

    Excellent!  Works for me.  Code Signing Tools weren’t installed so one extra (very easy) step for me.

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