Falling Behind

For the last 5 years, it’s felt very much like Apple was leading the way with mobile operating systems and technology, but in the last 12 months it’s very much going in the direction of Android, and in the last 24 hours, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

The problem is Apple seem to be making very small improvements every year, which while impressive aren’t enough to keep people locked in their ecosystem.

iOS6 brings some very welcome improvements, but if all we know about from WWDC is all they’re planning on bringing to the table this fall, I think it’s time to reassess my commitment to Apple for my mobile phone.

We’ve had the same, almost completely blank, lock screen for years. It shouldn’t need to take an “event” for information to be shown on it, and it’s the same with the grid layout on the home screen – That’s not good enough for a modern phone when Microsoft are producing things like the gorgeous, 100% customisable, live updating, home screen which can contain probably up to 50 pieces of information at a glance.

Let’s hope the iPhone 6 launch event includes a significant overhaul to the at-a-glace view that it seems everyone else but Apple are able to nail at the moment.